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19.02.2017 · In Other · From Metamorphosis
Hey all!   Just FYI...  Each of you “early adopters” will become a  Gold Member for the foreseeable future and will have access to the following features, subject to availability:   (1)  A personalized profile, including a friend list. (2)  Your own blog. (3)  A personal social media wall. (…
08.03.2017 · In Other · From Metamorphosis
It has come to the attention of the NakedProgress admins that the font on mobile Apple devices is unreadable, and in fact, sucks. Fix coming soon.   Edit:  It should be fixed now. Let me know if you have this or other problems.
02.03.2017 · In Other · From Metamorphosis
Hello friends! Just letting you know that we added a section to the Terms of Service. Under "Community Guidelines," the following has been added:   6.    Site Administrators and Moderators may, in their sole discretion, delete accounts that have little to no activity on them. NakedProgress isn’t …